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As a child, Carl Stoneham, struggled with many disadvantages such as poverty and hunger;  He made a vow to himself that he would help as many as he could because it pained him to see people go without life's necessities.  Along with his executive Officers De-Wayne Coney, Kim Matthews and Aenjel Wilson A Cry for Help Outreach was formed and has played a vital part in helping families in Houston communities. 


In 1998, Carl, called the Houston radio station 102.1, with the hopes of finding 5 families that needed assistance that Thanksgiving.  Carl, offered to pay their rents and supply them with food.  He also called the radio stations again for Christmas and offered to pay rent as Christmas gifts.  He began building relationships with them as time progressed.


With 26 years of services in the community including helping churches in Houston areas; 4 years ago Carl partnered with Micheal Creddell, a longtime deacon and close personal friend (at the Church Without Walls Pastor West) to help Veterans sustain in this world. 


Carl and his sister Kim Matthew's, have been assisting The Community Of Faith Church, Pastor James Dixon and his sister Tonya Dixon since hurricane Harvey.  They have fed over 100,000 families in the Houston area over the last 4 years and since the 90's they have fed 920,000 which includes halfway houses, quarter houses for boys and men in transition.


At the church of Crossover Bible Fellowship, Carl has dedicated himself to yearly funding the education of children in Africa.  He is also in the process of building tiny homes and offering job assistance programs in the Houston area for Veterans and homeless people in order to help them get off the streets.   

Carl also provides business services such as: new home buyer education, home building, construction, business consulting and more.

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